Advertising Research

Advertising Research

Companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising but seldom follow an optimal advertising strategy. Rarely do companies adequately test their ads before being “aired”. At Innovazion Research, we can help you save the advertising dollars from being wasted.

The team has an extensive experience across pre- testing and post- testing campaigns. We also run ad trackers that help our clients understand brand awareness, ad awareness, ad recall, ad recognition, brand image, media usage, etc.


What kind of ads can be tested?

  1. Television Advertisements
    • television storyboards
    • television commercials
  2. Radio Advertisements
    • radio scripts
    • radio commercials
  3. Print Advertising
    • print advertising
    • newspaper and magazine advertisements
  4. Online Advertisements
    • banner advertisements
    • rich media advertisements
    • online videos and commercials
  5. Outdoor Advertisements