• Not just your Company next door…


    Not just your Company next door, but the Company next door with an impressive view. Enabling sight into the future of what can be. Fantastic is a word that comes to mind. All of us have seen the ventures popping up left and right, but few truly measure up to their name. Innovazion: Innovation Beyond Imagination- has lived up to the mark in their creativity, in their attention to detail and in delivering results.

    Recently, my company, Spanning Source, embarked into an “Animazing Opportunity”. This is a project which uses animation in a peculiar way for a great cause. I hired Innovazion to perform “real” Market Research for this project because before any company can expect to start getting return on its investment, they need to have facts in place to make predictions for the future.

    Their studies of my marketplace yielded perceptive qualitative and quantitative data. Their collection approach incited interest, drew value and explored revenue avenues, which have opened a gateway for a platform any investor would proudly be a part of.

    I wish to say the team has been a pleasure to know and work with. They are courteous and can see the world from my perspective with a Vision beyond compare.

    George | President, Spanning Source

  • We have been using Innovazion for a number of complex…


    We have been using Innovazion for a number of complex and demanding projects for the past one year. What impressed me the most is their multi-geography capability and service commitment; and agility and ability to deliver high quality data collection services to our satisfaction. Overall, our experience with Innovazion has been very good.

    GM, | Fortune 500 Company